A Quilt Pattern to Celebrate Love

Laurel Anderson of Whisper Color loves designing quilts. She wanted to design a Valentine's Day quilt but had one problem, she didn't want to use traditional hearts. Problem solved, her Apple Blossom & Promises Quilt pattern celebrates love throughout the year.

Dove Quilt Pattern Terial Magic

Valentines Day Quilt Questions

Hearts? No...hearts are so expected in February. Flowers? Sure...I love flowers. There is something wonderful about designing spring flowers during the winter storms. I think I want to do apple blossoms. Colors? Gray because the world is so gray outside and pink because I have lots of pink fabric left over from my last hand dyeing class. A hint of green leaves. Shape? Heart? No... Bouquet in a vase? No...I did that with Geraniums, Table and Vase, Cyclamen Duet, and French Doors. Wreath? Sure, Appliqued wreaths are wonderful and very traditional.

Dove Quilt Pattern Terial Magic Close up

Labor saving ideas

Tack the blossoms in place and leave them with a fluffy, natural look. Stitch the leaves just along the centerline so they look 3D. Use my favorite product: Terial Magic to stabilize the fabric to use in my Silhouette CAMEO to cut shapes. OK, those are great ideas but there should be a bit of drama in the quilt. How about birds? Doves are often used at weddings. A pair of doves and a quilting design that gives a sense of movement and airflow. Add 3D applique allowing me to add feathers to the dove's wings. Oh! Yes.


  • Fabric for blossoms in a range of white and pink, perhaps a little purple
  • Fabric for leaves
  • Terial Magic 
  • Iron and board
  • Good scissors or an electronic cutter such as the Silhouette CAMEO.
  • Bag of Poly-Pellets
  • Sewing machine 
  • Yellow and green thread

Step 1: Get the Shapes and Pattern

Silhouette Cameo

First you will need the apple blossom and leaf shapes. Right click on this image and copy to your computer. You may print it for hand cutting or use it with your electronic cutter.

In case you have your own apple blossom idea, you'll need the paper pattern from my website. It includes a full sized sheet of paper showing where every shape should go. It also includes all the information and pattern shapes you need to make the birds.

Love Quilt Tutorial Pattern by Laurel Anderson

Click here to order my pattern.

It includes the master pattern and step-by-step instructions for completing the Apple Blossoms and Promises quilt. (Poly Pellets and the Apple Blossoms and Promises pattern may be purchased at WhisperColor.com)

Step 2: Use your Terial Magic

Using Terial Magic on a Quilt Project

Terial Magic is a spray-on fabric stabilizer that makes fabric paper-like and fray free. It is not like starch so is safe to leave in my fabrics forever. For my flowers, I like how Terial Magic eliminates the fraying edges and allows me to shape my petals and leaves. I plan to leave the Terial Magic in the fabric and never wash this quilt.

Put your fabric in a large zippered plastic bag or bowl. Saturate the fabric. If using a bag; zip it and massage the fabric to move the product through the fibers. Allow the Terial Magic to soak into the fabric for at least 10 minutes.

Hang on a line until damp, then press to dry and smooth. For those of us who are impatient; line your ironing board with paper towels and press with another paper towel under the iron. The fabric should be stable like paper.

Note: If you want to wash Terial Magic out of your leftover fabric just soak it in tepid water for about 10 minutes. Dry on a towel and it will be soft and supple once again.

Step 3: Cut and Form the Blossoms

Cut out the blossoms and leaves using you favorite scissors or an electronic cutter such as the Silhouette CAMEO. Prepare a bag or dish with a layer of Poly-Pellets, about 1 inch deep. (These are the poly beads I put in bean bags.) Pour some Terial Magic into a small dish. Soak the blossom shapes in the Terial Magic and remove them one at a time. Allow the excess Terial Magic to drip into the dish.

Poly Pelleters

Poke the center of each blossom into the Poly-Pellet layer. This will shape each like a bud. Allow these to dry for 2 hours or overnight. When they are dry they will remember this shape. You can flatten them to layer onto your quilt, stitch the center and they will return to their bud shape.

Step 4: Stitching

Stitch all the leaves from point to point allowing the rounded edges to be free. Layer one shaped blossom on top of a flat blossom shape.

Snip Stitching Quilt Pattern

Choose a stitch that is about 1/4 inch across and either round or star shaped. Stitch this into the center of the layered blossoms. I pulled all the threads to the front and cut them 1/4 inch from the fabric to give the look of stamens. The blooms will look more realistic if you crowd some and allow others to trail away.

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