Beautiful Fabric Flowers for Your Hair—Fast!

Add a fun and creative fabric flower accent to any outfit with these hair accessories. Use your favorite fabric or scrap fabric - these blooms are always in season!

Beautiful Fabric Flowers For Your Hair

Before you begin, you'll first need to follow the three easy steps for stabilizing fabric with Terial Magic wash-out fabric stiffener. Not familiar with Terial Magic?


  • 6" of 22 gauge craft wire
  • 1" button
  • 2 flower shapes
  • Terial Arts Snap Clip
  • Scissors 
  • Terial Arts Magic liquid fabric stabilizer

Step 1: Spray to Saturate 

Step 2: Dry Until Just Damp

Step 3: Iron to Stabilize

Now, let's make some fabric flower accessories. Download the template to quickly cut these flower shapes using your Silhouette, .zip file here and the .PDF instructions.

    Step 4: Cut Flowers

    Cut flower parts from fabrics of your choice using scissors or an electronic cutter. Thread 6” of 26 gauge colored craft wire through the front of the buttonholes and one of the flower shapes.


    Wire Treated Fabric

    Step 5: Thread

    Thread wire through the other fabric flower shape then through the snap clip.

    Thread Treated Fabric

    Step 5: Twist

    On the back side of the clip, twist the wire tight and trim the ends...and that's it!

    Twist Treated Fabric

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