Valentine's Day Cards featuring Cricut Maker

I hope your sewing and crafting adventures are getting completed and filling your heart with the joy only DIY can bring!

I have been diving into my newest toy the Cricut Maker. I love using electronic cutters for fabrics treated with Terial Magic, and have been using them for years; but this Cricut Maker is really amazing and has the tools and features to express my creativity like none other!

Valentine’s Day is coming soon; I designed a card with fabric embellishments. The Maker has a pen feature that also prints text onto the card, and then cuts the card stock out, any shape or design. For this card I also used fabric, treated with Terial Magic, to cut the front underlay and heart balloons out of. Because the fabric is treated with Terial Magic, it is paper-like and does not need the fabric rotary knife! The heart balloons are gathered using tiny cut holes as needle guides to hand sew through, which are then tightly gathered and tied. This gives a fun 3D effect, a unique look only fabric can bring!

Download the FREE Cutting Pattern Files!

6.5” x 4.25” Finished size card & instructions

Card stock cut pattern (Link to Cricut or SVG or JPEG)

Fabric cut pattern (Link to Cricut or SVG or JPEG)

Paper envelope cut pattern and instructions (Link to Cricut or JPEG)


Supplies Used

  • Cricut cutting machine, (other cutting machines can be used)
  • 8.5” x 11” cut cotton fabric
  • 8.5” x 11” card stock (complementary color to fabric or white)
  • 8.5 x 11” light cardstock for envelope
  • Medium cutter knife
  • Cricut black pen
  • Heavy Quilt thread (black or color to contrast with cardstock)
  • Embroidery needle with large eye (for heavy thread)


Treat fabric with Terial Magic, dry to damp and iron flat

Make any adjustments to customize card before you begin the cuts.

Step One

Follow the prompts in Design Space to cut images from card stock and fabric. Changing the scoring stylus to the pen as directed. Use the Medium Cardstock (80lb) setting for both the cardstock and treated fabric.

TIP: When un-matting both card stock and fabric, bend the cutting mat away from the cut card stock or fabric, keeping the cuts as flat as possible, this is to keep them from curling.

Step Two

Flip the top layer cutout onto its back and coat with glue stick.

Step Three

Flip top layer back to front side and carefully center on top of right side of fabric underlay.

Step Four

Use Brayer (or press evenly with palm of hand) to secure adhesion.

Step Five

 Coat back side of card fabric with glue stick.

Step Six

Place card front on flat surface, center front of card fabric /top layer on top and press down firmly to secure adhesion. Optional: use brayer on back side as in step 5.

Step Seven

Thread an embroidery needle with 9” of heavy hand quilt thread. Using small cuts in cut out heart balloons, thread needle through to create a gather balloon.

Step Eight

Bunch gathers tightly and tie thread on back side of heart balloon. (Image 9) Repeat for second heart.

Step Nine

Trim thread of shortest tail, add then glue stick to back side of heart balloon at gathers and upper right and left sides of hearts.

Step Nine

Center and arrange balloons above text, press down firmly. Guide threads to cross as shown, dab with glue stick where it crosses, press down, you may wish to use a pin to hold down until it adheres to card.

Step Ten

Fold envelope along score lines and glue.