How to Make a Strip Pieced Quilt Without a Pattern

Want to make a colorful strip pieced quilt with greater ease? A very creative quilter friend of ours, Anna, shows you how Terial Magic simplified her process.

Strip Pieced Quilt Fabric

Step 1: Selecting fabric color is key

So start with a selection of colors, patterns, and fabric you're really excited about. If they caught your eye, chances are they'll catch someone else's too.

Step 2: Treat your Fabric with Terial Magic

Next, treat your fabrics in three easy steps with Terial Magic.

  1. Spray to saturate
  2. Dry to damp
  3. Iron to dry and smooth

Once your fabric is dried and pressed, it'll be as easy to work with as paper. Click here to see how to apply Terial Magic.

Treat Fabric With Terial MagicNext start cutting your strips using a rotary cutter, a clear ruler, and a mat. Even if you’ve had trouble making long, straight pieces in the past, you’ll find Terial Magic makes your cutting easy and accurate. It’s like cutting paper instead of fabric!

Step 3: Cut your strips

Cut Fabric Strips

Step 4: Start sewing!

Now for the really fun part.

How to Make a Strip Pieced Quilt Without a Pattern

This is when you'll combine your colors in fun and eye-catching ways—whatever you think looks best. Feel free to repeat color patterns or go for a more random pattern. It's up to you.

Step 5: Bravely create How to make Strip Pieced quilt without a Pattern

If you want to get more creative, be brave! Don't forget, pressing is half of sewing.

Press each strip as you go.

I always press seams in the same direction so stitching is easier once you start quilting.

Cut some angles. Cut strips off your strip piecing block and insert some accent fabrics (such as the linen used in this example.)

How to Make a Strip Pieced Quilt Without a Pattern

Then attach your cut pieces at varying angles and add other strips as borders.

Step 6: Add borders

Next square up your work and add borders (or not, your choice!). I like pieced borders but have found that the difficulty sometimes gets in the way of creativity.

Terial Magic lets you explore working with multiple borders and small intricate spacing without all the headaches.

Add Borders To Quilt

Layer your quilt and finish as desired.

Terial Magic also makes for easy bias binding because it takes the stretch out. Most importantly, have fun!

How to Make a Strip Pieced Quilt Without a Pattern

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