How to Make Realistic Fabric Orchid Flowers (Free Petal Template)

If you love flowers but lack a green thumb, we have the perfect no-maintenance house plant solution for you! Add fresh, minimalist beauty to your space with these incredibly realistic, easy-to-make simulated orchid blossoms, made from fabric, ink, and a little Terial Magic!

Fabric Orchid Flower Making Tutorial
When it comes to making something to your taste and style, just select fabrics, accents, and shapes you like to create beautiful life-like flowers. These orchids bring grace and color to any room, no watering or sunlight required! This is good news because I’ve been making so many fabric flowers lately, my actual house plants have been a little neglected.

Fabric Flower Supplies

Supplies Used

  • Terial Magic Fabric Stabilizer
  • Fully Sealable Plastic Bag (1 Gallon Capacity)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Electronic Cutting Machine (We like the Silhouette Cameo!)
  • X-Press It Adhesive Sheets (optional)
  • Scrap Fabrics (Enough to cut out 12'' x 12'' square shape in at least two colors: green for the stem, and another color for the blossoms: white if you are painting the petals, your choice if you're not!)
  • Small Fabric Clips
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Artificial Flower Stamens
  • Fabric Glue
  • Terial Arts Floral Wire
  • Wire Cutter
  • Floral Tape
  • (If Using Copic Airbrush System)
  • Copic Markers: RV04, V15, V04, Y35 
  • Copic Airbrush System 
  • How to Make Your Fabric Orchids

Step 1: Treat Your Fabric

Use Terial Magic fabric stabilizer to make your fabric behave like paper! Place fabric into a bag and spray to saturate the fabric making sure there are not dry spots. Next massage the fabric so it is well covered, then hang for 5 or 10 minutes to let the Terial Magic infuse into the fibers. When it’s still damp, press to set. You can treat the petal and leaf fabric at the same time.

Need a little extra help Terializing your fabric? Check out this quick, nifty video to see the whole process!



To recap: 1) Saturate fabric. 2) Hang until damp. 3) Iron to dry and smooth.

Step 2: Cut to Size

Once fabric has been treated with Terial Magic, cut the fabric you want to use for petals to 12” X 8” rectangles. Now it is ready for your electronic cutting machine.

Step 3: Cut Your Petals

Die Cutting Machine Terial Magic Treated Fabric

Download a free template for your electronic cutting machine. Place the treated petal fabric onto your sticky mat making sure it is very tacky. We recommend using X-Press Low-Tack Adhesive Sheet. Once you cut your petals notice how easy and fray-free they come off the mat! This template will give you enough petals to make 8 blossoms.

Download Free Electronic Cutter Petal Pattern (DXF) HERE

Also available in JPG and PDF

Step 4: Color Your Petals (Optional)

Copic Airbrush Fabric Petals Copic Airbrush Fabric Orchid Petals

If you used a light-colored fabric, you can create a beautiful, realistic petal shading effect using an ink application tool like Copic's Airbrush System (compatible with Classic and Sketch Copic markers). Use the colors specified in the supply list (or your own unique combination) to apply color in layers, starting with lighter colors and layering darker colors in the same family over the ends of the petal, leaving the middle lightly colored or white.

Step 5: Create Your Blossom Base

On the cutout piece with three long petals, apply a tiny bead of fabric glue to the center base of one of the two side petals.

Glue Fabric Orchid Petals Together

Then glue the slit between them together by overlapping the base of the other side petal onto the fabric glue and pressing down.

Secure Petals With Clip
Use a small clip and keep the overlapping petals in place. Set aside to let dry.

Step 6: Set Up Your Stamen

While the 3-petal piece is drying, find the piece made up of three smaller, shorter petals.

Fold Short Three Petal Piece

Place the flower stamen in the center, put a small amount of glue on the center of the petal piece base, and fold the base in half around the stamen. Clip to secure until dry.

Step 7: Add Loose Petals

Return to the large 3-petal piece. If it is dry, remove the clip and apply another dab of glue to the bottom of the piece where the petals come together.

Glue Petals Onto Three Petal Piece

Glue Petals Onto Three Petal Piece

Terial Magic Treated Fabric

Now, let's make some fabric flower accessories.

Next, find one of the single petals and glue it to the 3-petal piece so that its base lines up with the center of the larger piece and its end tip (the darker end, if you followed the suggested airbrushing instructions above) is positioned diagonally between the outer and center petals of the 3-petal piece. Add another dab of glue on top of this petal at its base (if needed), and apply the other loose petal in the same positioning but opposite. Press firmly, and set aside for a few minutes to let dry.

Step 8: Pinch Your Petals

Once all of the petals are stuck together and dried, put a small amount of glue on the center of the flower base.

Prep Petals Pinch Orchid Petals Around Glue Leave Gap


Gently fold the flower length-wise, pinching the base so that it is held by the glue, leaving a small gap beneath the point where the two sides of the blossom are stuck together.

Clip Petals Dry

Use a clip to hold the petals in place where they touch until the glue dries, making sure that the gap beneath that spot remains open.

Step 9: Thread the Stamen

After the pinched blossom dries, insert the stamen down through the gap you left at the base and center of the flower, pull it through, and cut off the colored tip on the end you threaded through.

Thread Stamen Petals

Spread and arrange the petals and stamen into the natural shape of an orchid. Repeat Steps 1 through 9 to assemble the rest of the blossoms.

Step 10: Add Your Stem

Using your wire cutters, cut a length of floral wire to the desired length for your stem.

Attach Flower Stem Wrap Stem With Floral Tape

Line up the wire with the piece of stamen sticking out below the blossom so that the wire touches the base of the flower at its underside. Starting right at the base of the blossom, wrap the area where the stamen and floral wire overlap with floral tape.

Continue wrapping down the entire length of the stem. Add shorter pieces of floral wire further down the stem, attach additional flowers as in the beginning of this step, and then wrap the new junctures in floral tape to incorporate them into the stem.

Step 11: Lovely Leaves

Stack two pieces of your green, Terial-treated fabric and fold them in half lengthwise (or "hotdog" style").

Cut Leaves From Terial Stiffened Fabric
Cut out ovoid shaped leaves with pointed tips, approximately 4 inches in length.

Cut leaves From Terial Magic Treated Fabric

Unfold leaves, revealing two creased, pointed, leaves.

Step 13: Assemble, Shape, and Admire!

Terial Magic Fabric Orchid

Attach the leaves to the stem with flowers by wrapping them at the base with floral tape. Then shape, place in a simple vase, and enjoy!

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