How to Treat Fabric with Terial Magic

Terial Arts™ patterns and projects all begin with treating your fabric so it doesn't fray. This fabric spray is the magic solution you need to make your fabric stiffer, workable and even printable. Get ready to take your fabric to the next creative level, in three easy steps.

Three Steps of Terial Magic

Step 1: Spray to saturate

In a sink or large bowl, spray Terial Magic™ all over your fabric until it's saturated, almost dripping.

Step 2: Dry until damp

Squeeze out excess fluid and hang to dry until damp. It takes about 15 minutes

Step 3: Iron to set

You can air dry most of the way and then even if it's slightly wet, take down and iron it until it's dry. The ironed fabric should feel stiff and paper-like.

Want to see the process in more detail? Watch Terry McFeely, the inventor of Terial Magic, guide you in this full-length video.