How to Make Fabric Rosettes for July 4th

These fabric rosettes will add the perfect flair to your 4th of July. This versatile holiday decoration can go around napkins, in your hair, or on shoes. Terry McFeely, the inventor of the Terial Magic fabric stabilizer showed us how and you can do it, too!

4th of July DIY Place Setting

These two small DIY projects can be used together to embellish napkin rings, shoes or sandals, hair pieces, or whatever other creative use you come up with! Terry created the red, white and blue table centerpiece using Terial Arts’ Calla Lily pattern and fun 4th of July fabrics!

Fabric DIY Decorative Hair ClipFabric DIY Decorative Shoes
Rosettes are so versatile, because they can be made in a variety of sizes for so many uses! Anything from party decorations and decor, to scrapbooking and card making are fair game for rosettes. Paper is fine for single uses and small projects, but when you need your rosettes to be more durable, fabric is your best friend. Terial Magic stiffens your fabric so that it will fold like paper, and stay folded.

4th of July Crafts4th of July Crafts  4th of July Crafts

1. Treat fabric with Terial Magic and cut a 2 1⁄2” x 7” rectangle.

2. Mark the centerline of the rectangle with a fabric marker or chalk.

3. Fold up 1⁄4” of fabric from one end and continue to fan fold the entire piece in 1/4" segments.

4. Thread a needle, knot the end, and thread through all layers of the fanfold along its marked centerline.

DIY 4th of July Rosettes DIY 4th of July Rosettes DIY 4th of July Rosettes

5. Pull the thread tight and wrap around the center of the rosette 2-3 times, then loop the needle under the wrapped thread, and knot it.

6. Place a bead of glue along one open edge of the rosette, glue it to the other edge, and repeat the same thing on the other side.

7. For napkin holders: cut 12” of ribbon, then glue the center point of the Rosette back, to the center point of the cut ribbon. For Hair or Snap Clips place a dollop of glue onto the underside of the rosette and press the snap clip onto the glue.

Perfect Bow Tying

Tying the perfect bow is a triumph accomplished by few, but envied by many. Lucky for you, Terry figured it out, and is willing to share! Follow the short steps below, and take your bow-tying to the next level!

Perfect Boy Tying 4th of July DIY Perfect Boy Tying 4th of July DIY Perfect Boy Tying 4th of July DIY

1. Cut 8" of ribbon, make 2 folds about 2 1/2" from each end.

2. Place one fold over the other.

3. Wrap the top fold under and pull through the loop hole.

Perfect Bow Tying 4th of July DIY Perfect Bow Tying 4th of July DIY Perfect Bow Tying 4th of July DIY

4. Pull both bow loops to form the bow, then pull the tails to adjust the bow to your desired size.

5. Snip the bow tails to the desired length, and place a bead of glue on the back of the bow, then center and press it onto the rosette, making sure bow is perpendicular and in the correct position to the snap clip, or the ribbon on the back.


DIY 4th of July Fabric Rosettes DIY 4th of July Fabric Rosettes
Thank you for reading! Comment below with any questions you have! 

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