Terial Magic Butterflies and Flowers on Display

Terial Magic found its way into a window display, showcasing Terry McFeely's fabric poppies & fun denim butterflies!

Terial Magic Butterflies & Flowers Display

Terry’s Favorite Dress boutique “Judi’s of Nevada City” asked if she would like to help with a FDJ French Dressing Jeans’ window display contest. Of course…Dressing a mannequin in fabric flowers was right up Terial Arts’ alley!

Colorful Batiks Terial Magic Treated Butterflies DIY Batik Print
Terry and Judi chose a batik print for the butterflies, then colorful batiks to make the fabric flowers with. After treating fabrics with Terial Magic, Terry hung the fabrics to dry in front of her wood stove.

DIY Batik Print Butterflies

They used two butterfly patterns and denim as the background layer. The butterfly denim layers were cut using the actual FDJ Jean denim! We used the wrong side of the denim for a more jean look!

Terial Magic Butterfly Display

Fishing line was then tied to the butterfly clothespins so that they could hang from the ceiling and connect to the measuring tape swirling around the mannequin.
Terial Magic Flowers DisplayThe Terial Arts’ poppy stems were made using large pearl pins for the stem so that the poppies could easily be mounted on the foam dress form. The fabric poppies and butterflies added whimsy and fun to this striking window showcasing FDJ’s incredible fit jeans!

Terial Magic Flowers DisplayLet your imagination go places never before using Terial Magic treated fabrics! Thank you Judi for the opportunity to showcase Terial Magic’s magic for your unique and beautiful window.

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