Make your fabric paper-like.

Terial Magic is a unique liquid fabric stabilizer that binds the fibers of fabric together, magically transforming it into a stable and paper-like material that won’t fray when cut.

Crafters, quilters, and anyone who enjoys the fabric arts can now cut, sew, fold, and shape fabric in new and creative ways. Terial Magic gives you fray-free edges for smooth sewing; shift-free piecing for accurate quilting; amazing color printing on fabric with home printers without freezer paper; perfect embroidery — eliminating unsightly puckering and shadow lines caused by stabilizer backing; and crisp, clean sharp die or electronic cuts that don’t fray away. The options are limitless.

Step 1: Spray to Saturate

Step 2: Hang until Damp

Step 3: Iron Flat

Creating Connection

Anna Williams is a seamstress and the owner of 13Arrows Clothing. She creates tailored vintage fashion using ethically-sourced materials and cares deeply about the connection between each garment, those who made it, and its owner. See her work at

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Finding Joy with Mister Domestic

Mathew is an artist at heart. As a dad with a day job, Mathew Boudreaux, a.k.a. Mister Domestic, first entered the world of fabric crafting as a way of connecting with his daughter. What he soon discovered was a passion for innovating and joy in growing the community that welcomed him. Find his inspiration at

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The Gift of Tradition

Lisa is a home quilter who draws her inspiration from nature. For her, quilting is about tradition and connection and instilling each quilt with the spirit, care and thoughtfulness that led to its creation. For Lisa, every quilt is a story.

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It's Magic.